Tour Kilo

Duration: 15 minutes

Price: $115 per person for 2. $100 per person for 3.

On Tour Kilo you’ll encounter countless aspects of epic mountain flying, starting with a trip across Big Bear Lake and continuing over to Big Bear Lake Dam before descending into the Bear Creek Canyon. After departing the canyon, the tour takes you on a steep mountain face climbing through rock formations, flying over the top of Bluff Lake to Castle Rock. Your next attention-grabbing landmark will be Cedar Lake on the approach to Big Bear Lake Village. This tour includes a low altitude pass over the top of Big Bear’s iconic ski areas, snow summit and Bear Mountain for some stunning picture opportunities before turning inbound and landing back at Big Bear Airport.

What You Will See

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake Dam

Bluff Lake

Castle Rock

Cedar Lake

Big Bear Ski areas

Big Bear Snow Summit and More!