Tour Delta

Duration: 40 minutes

Price: $275 per person for 2. $240 per person for 3.

If you want to see all the Big Bear highlights in plenty of time and capture the wild side of the San Bernardino Mountains, Tour Delta is the tour for you. Featuring nearly endless mountain ridge tops, as well as miles of rugged canyons, this 40 minute adventure is an epic Big Bear Helicopter ride. We will fly over Big Bear Lake then take a deep drop into the Bear Creek Canyon after a steep climb to the top of Butler Peak. This will be followed by a 360 degree turn around the Bear Creek Waterfall giving you incredible panoramic views before we hold a course along the top of Highway 38 over the Onyx Summit. Countless other iconic landmarks and points of interest will present themselves throughout this aerial scenic adventure.

What You Will See

Big Bear Lake

Bear Creek Canyon

Bear Creek Waterfall

Onyx Summit and More!