Can we extend our flight once we are airborne? Yes, but upgrade charges will apply.
Can we fly at night? NO, sorry.
Can we fly somewhere other than the depicted route? Yes! Want to see your home or friends from the sky? We can help you achieve that as well. Just let us know where you'd like to go at the time of reservation!
Can we land somewhere during our flight? No. Only in case of an emergency.
Can you drop us off to ski or snowboard? No. Sorry all take off and landings must be performed safely at our designated spot at the Big Bear Airport.
Do I need to make a reservation in advance for a sightseeing flight? Reservations are recommended, but our flexible schedule and hours allow you to plan with short notice or, in some cases, come on down!
How can I pay for my flight? We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express debit and credit cards and cash. (I.D. is required for credit card payment)
How many passengers can fly at one time? Up to three passengers at once. Two passengers minimum for lift-off.(some exceptions and limitations may apply) Check out Group rates for additional discounts or call for more info.
How should we dress for our flight? Normal attire applicable to the season is fine.
Is there a weight limit for passengers? Yes, no passenger may weigh more than 300 pounds.(some limitations apply for total weight of all passengers combined)
Is there an age limit for passengers? No, all ages welcome young and old.
Will we be flying with others than who is in our group? No, your flight is private for your group only.
What are your days and hours of operation? We are open year-round as weather permits. 7 days per week normally. Days and hours vary seasonally. We recommend checking the homepage of our website or calling (909) 585-1200 for updated hours and information.
What do I need to bring with me to fly? No special requirements. Please call us if you need any more information.
Where are you located? We are located at the Big Bear City Airport Terminal (through the main door next to the Barnstorm Cafe). 501 Valley Blvd Big Bear City, CA 92314 [Get Directions].
Will I need to sign a release form? Yes, you can review it right now by clicking here. You will be required to fill it out and sign it at our customer service counter.
Are there any additional charges, fees, or taxes? There are no additional charges, fees, or taxes on top of our stated prices.
Can we end our flight before the scheduled time? Yes, but there are no refunds issued once the aircraft takes flight. ( Some exceptions may apply)
Can we change our flight date or reservation? Of course! Please try to let us know as far in advance as possible. Some restrictions may apply.
Can I use my cell phone during my flight? Yes, for text, camera, and data. No voice calls, please.
Can I bring a camera to take photos and videos? Absolutely! We encourage you to take in the view from the air and of course snap some fantastic photos and videos.
Can I book a trip for one? Yes you can, but you will be charged for two seats unless you fly with another party.
Are you licensed and insured? Yes. All documentation is available upon request at our location.
Am I paying for any time the helicopter is on the ground? No charge for time the helicopter is on the ground. All of our stated tour durations are flying time only.
Could bad weather affect our flight(s)? YES! Your flight(s) may be cancelled or rescheduled if satisfactory weather minimums do not exist.
Do I need identification to fly?? No, but if you are paying for your flight with a credit card, you may be asked to show I.D. to protect both you and Helicopter Big Bear.